Self Advocates of Minnesota  (SAM)

SAM is a network of self-advocates, advisor, allies, friends, family, and professionals-led by self-advocates. The main focus of the group is to build a statewide network to help people with developmental disabilities know their rights through personal and group action.

The Council gets together once a month for meetings and can participate in other activities. The members of the council elect officers who run the monthly meetings. The council also elects two self-advocates to become part of the leader circle representatives who then brings our needs and issues to work on creating a statewide agenda.

What we do each year grant is in place:

  • 3 trainings on personal empowerment, leadership development and know your rights.
  • 3 trainings on system change, government policy, voting and civic engagement.
  • Talk about disability in our society- self-advocacy movement and civil rights.
  • Educate the public-Letters to the editor, press releases, and presentations.
  • People 1st Minnesota does 3 trainings on personal empowerment, disability awareness, and systems change.
  • Participate in the State Leadership Circle meetings.
  • Host a Conference.

If you would like more information regarding SAM or when the meeting dates are scheduled, please contact Melissa Evans- SAM Liaison: melissa@arcse-mn.org or 507-287-2032 or 888-732-8520 for more information. We are in need of representatives from Rice, Dodge, Goodhue, Mower, Fillmore, Steele, Freeborn, and Wabasha counties.

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