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Arc uses PayPal to set up automatic credit card payments. We have chosen PayPal as the vehicle for these payments because:

  • it is a credible service – used by millions of people
  • it is a secure way to handle credit card payments on the internet

How to set up a recurring credit card payment to Arc:
1. click the button that represents the payment you want to make.
2. You will be transferred to PayPal. To setup a recurring payment, you must become a PayPal member. This does not cost you anything and you may choose not to use PayPal for anything other than this automatic payment. PayPal will walk you through the membership process. You will be asked for your credit card information during this SECURE process.

If you want help with this, please call Arc Southeastern Minnesota
507-287-2032 or Toll Free at 888-732-8520.
We will be happy to help you get your online payment set up.


Thank You!!!!

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