The Arc Minnesota, the state’s largest advocacy organization for persons with a disability, has created its Master Trust to provide long term financial services to families. The Arc Master Trust offers financial, management and estate planning benefits for people with disabilities and their families.



  • Helps enhance the quality of life for a person with a disability by using the trust’s money for items not covered by government benefits, such as vacations, cable TV or recreational activities. While government benefits cover only basics like food, shelter and medical care, a master trust can make life more enjoyable.
  • Provides a more cost effective option than creating an individual trust with a bank, with lower fees for both enrollment and ongoing management.
  • Sound investments. The Arc Minnesota partners with Associated Trust Co. to manage the Master Trust investment portfolio and to provide fund and tax accounting. The Arc Master Trust offers several investment options to fit the planning needs of families including:

A money market fund for safety and liquidity

Bond funds generating either tax-advantaged income through Minnesota municipal bonds or taxable income from corporate or government bonds.

Strategies that combine stock and bond funds to fit investor timelines and risk tolerance.

  • Relieves families from worrying about and staying current with government regulations. The Arc has the expertise to know what expenses can be paid without affecting eligibility for government benefits.
  • Assists family members by handling the trustee duties. The Arc does the paperwork and reporting required by government agencies so families can focus on the individual.
  • Fiscal oversight. The Arc, as trustee, supervises how funds left to the beneficiary are spent, to ensure they are used wisely.
  • Ease of use. The Arc Master Trust Staff is available by phone or e-mail to help with questions on disbursements or other topics.
  • Serves Minnesotans of all disabilities, including people with physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Please contact Melissa Evans for more information: melissa@arcse-mn.org 507-287-2032

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